Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Eau Claire and River Falls, WI

Mole Patrol Service

Our chemical-free mole trapping service consists of an initial visit to set traps, and additional visits to clean out, reset, and remove traps (3 to 4 visit minimum). This pest control service has proven to be the most effective method of minimizing damage from nuisance moles.

Flea & Tick Suppression

A short-term pest control of fleas and ticks in turf areas. Applied a couple of days in advance, this application will help control uninvited guests at your next backyard party. If turf grass infestation is significant, multiple applications may be required to keep fleas and ticks from getting carried indoors.

Pest Control For Grubs

Prevention- The safest, most cost-effective means of pest control for grubs. One application will provide season-long prevention for most types of grubs and surface feeding larvae.

Curative- A rescue treatment for lawns already showing damage from grubs. An aggressive approach is recommended when the lawn is in imminent danger from sub-surface feeding insects and larvae. Grubs attack the root system of the gras, causing weakness & disease. Grubs can also be a food source for moles. Grub control is not fooling proof and should not be considered a cure for a mole problem. Different treatment options may be required, such as our Mole Patrol Service.

Mosquito Defense Applications

Reducing the mosquito population is an absolute must for you to enjoy your own oasis. Our six application mosquito program provides an extensive over spray throughout your trees, shrubs, and lawn. Derived from the Chrysanthemum flower, our applications will reduce your mosquito population by 85%. Reducing the population will enhance a healthier lifestyle for you, your family and your pets!