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Enhancing that curb appeal with a lush, thick, and healthy lawn is the finishing touch to a masterful oasis. Since 1978, Green Oasis has delivered on its standard for quality lawn care in the Hudson community. If you see our trucks in the area or signage on the corner of the block, we're working to create lawn envy in your neighborhood! As one of the local lawn care providers in Hudson, we guarantee you will not only get results but exceptional service with everything we do.


THE starting point to a healthier lawn

With our lawn health evaluation, our experienced staff will identify problem areas, diseases, and offer solutions to enhance your yard. Based on your turf and soil conditions, we can customize a lawn care plan to best fit the needs for your lawn in Hudson.

OUR lawn specialists will provide insight for:

  • Diseases Present
  • Insects Present
  • Broadleaf Weeds Present
  • Moisture & Sunlight Conditions 
  • Turf & Soil Conditions 
  • Problem Grasses

experienced staff you can trust

Green Oasis has been servicing Hudson, WI for over 40 years in lawn care, landscaping, pest control, and many other services. Whether it's a call to our Customer Care Center, or a consultation at your property, we'll identify your needs & offer top-notch expertise to enhance your outdoor living environment. We promise to meet or exceed your expectations, or we'll work with you until we do. Check out the various lawn care services for your property!

Fertilization & Weed Control

The Green Oasis fertilizing and weed control services are customized to provide the best results at different times of the year. Each application provides the nutrients for your Hudson lawn to better promote a deep green color,  weed management, and sustained health for the whole growing season.

Grub Control

Protecting your lawn from grubs will give you peace of mind throughout the season knowing that lawn-feeding insects are kept to a minimum. Our Preventative Grub Control applications are recommended with our lawn care program to help prevent your turf from becoming thin in areas due to grub damage.

Dog Spot Preventer Program

Neutralize pet urine spots in your lawn with our dog spot preventer program, gypsum treatments are applied heavily on the targeted areas of your yard.

Pest Control

Our year-round pest and rodent control services keep your home or business from being invaded by unwanted guests. Reducing mosquitoes, mice, insects & other wildlife are just some of the many pests we take care of in the Hudson area 


Ensuring the maintenance of your lawn sprinkler system occurs regularly allows for it to operate at its peak efficiency. Spring startups, midseason checks, fall blowouts, wifi controller upgrades, and many other services to help keep your lawn lush and green!


Hudson is home to professional landscape design services such as building patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and updating of general landscaping around your property. Let us create a plan and complete a project that will compliment your lifestyle!

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Locally owned & operated to serve Hudson, WI, Green Oasis has been helping residents for over 40 years improve their lawn and landscape
Our clients are long-term customers for a reason—we provide the very best in both commercial and residential lawn services.
No matter the size of your property, we are eager to help!

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