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Christmas Lights In Eau Claire Wisconsin

Christmas Lighting in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Are you looking for a hassle free holiday season? Our Christmas Lighting Service is designed to make your holiday season as easy as possibly! 

We provide the lights, labor, equipment, and storage for your holiday display. This lease based system includes the set up, take, down, storage, and maintenance of lights that are custom fit to your home. As a lease-based system, we cover repair costs and will even replace strands when they get worn out at no extra cost to you. We utilize special equipment that can reach your highest peaks and toughest rooflines safely. We have done a wide variety and scale of displays, from residential roof lighting to large commercial holiday displays (such as the City of Eau Claire's Christmas Lights).

Your display is completley customizable! You are never locked into a design, you can change it each year that you choose to renew. We offer a wide selection of colors, including both warm and cool lights, and can even do customizable patterns! You can change your color at any point before your installation date at no cost to you. You can choose between C9s and C7s for your roof lighting, and we offer minis for windows and trees as well! We have a multitude of display items, such as pre-lit wreaths, garland, snowflakes, and more! If you are in need of some inspiration, view our online photo gallery and check out our previous work!

Christmas Display in Eau Claire Wisconsin

If you are in the Eau Claire, Altoona, Chippewa Falls, or Lake Hallie area, we have availability to hang your Christmas lights in 2023. If you call by 11/15/23 we can get you scheduled by Thanksgiving for a display that lasts all through the holiday season. 

If you already own your own Christmas lights and want a team to professionally hang them for you, we offer that service as a time and material charge of $125 per man per hour. With this, the homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and ensuraing that bulbs are replaced and strands in working order prior to the installation.

We trim the lights to fit your home, and if you choose to no longer utilize the labor and maintenance of the lights we provide, they are eligable to purchase. You would need to contact our Christmas sales team for the purchase price of your lights.

Our crews are all insured, so you never have to worry about the risk that comes with hanging lights in the ice and snow. Our team is all trained and up to date on safety procedures, but in the event of an accident there is no risk to you.

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