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Christmas Lighting

Avoid the Cold With Professional Holiday Decorating

 The holiday season is one filled with joy, thankfulness, love, wonder and a fair amount of stress. The pressure to make your holiday season memorable and enjoyable can be a lot to keep up with! That's why we offer our decorating services to take some of that stress off your plate and give you that time back to spend with friends and family. Keep reading to learn why you should consider having a professional design company hang your Christmas lights this year!

 holiday decorating with Green Oasis

  1. Save Time: Hanging lights is a time consuming process. It can take hours to days to get lights up on your roof, wrap a tree, or hang garland. This time of year, there's garden beds to prepare for winter, baking to do, shopping, and of course time spent enjoying the season activities with the ones you love. Time is a precious resource, and we can give some of that back to you for those important moments.
  2. Save Space: Our Christmas Decorating service includes storage for the off-season. No more clutter or boxes shoved in a closet that you could be using for something else. We keep the lights in our warehouse where they are also checked and maintained to ensure your lights go up in the best condition possible.
  3. Safety: We have the proper training and equipment to get to those hard to reach peaks. Don't risk your health or safety when it's not necessary to!
  4. Professional Standards: We have been in the Christmas decorating industry for decades, and we know how to make your lights perfect! We trim all lights to fit your home perfectly so there's no sloppy overhang, weird spacing, or half done job. All cords are tucked and hidden as best they can be. At the end of the season, we take it all down and pack it all up neatly so you don't have to lift a finger!
  5. Service Calls & Maintenance: No more worrying about out bulbs or loose strands, we're only a service call away! Free service calls are just one perk of our Christmas lighting service. When lights start looking old or worn, we replace them at no cost to you!
  6. Wide Selection of Décor: We carry everything from roof lights, tree lights, garland, small or large wreaths, and specialty décor items. Choose between C9s, C7s, minis and any color imaginable for your lights. You can change the color of your lights every year at no cost to you!
  7. Commercial Decorating: No job is too big for us to handle! We have the equipment and experience to tackle large commercial Christmas displays for your business.

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