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Components Of A Low Maintenance Landscape

Components of a Low-Maintenance Landscape

Low-maintenance landscapes are a practical addition to any home landscape. They can boost the property value on your home while requiring minimal upkeep and garden experience. Keep reading to learn the basics of a low maintenance garden.

  • Substrate: Garden beds need a ground cover to prevent weeds from growing in between your plants and to minimize the amount of time you have to spend out in the garden weeding. Common substrates are mulch, rocks, or a ground cover plant. Mulch typically needs a refresh every year to keep the vibrant colors while rock or a ground cover are more long lasting options.

  • Pick Your Plants: Certain plants are easier to maintain than others. Most landscape flowers typically need to be pruned and need more water than things like shrubs and grasses. Our landscapers typically use a combination of shrubs, small trees, and tall prairie grasses because they can still look good without consistent pruning and are more apt to survive different weather conditions. Using many different species will add interest through their height variations and different textures. Some of our favorites to use are: Sedums, Junipers, Barberries, Hydrangeas, Hostas, Reed Grasses, Weigelas, Ninebarks, Day Lillies, Spruces, River Birches, Maples, Miss Kim Lilacs, Crabapples, and Arborvitae. It's important to make note of the growing conditions the plants need while finding the perfect fit for your garden! Large boulders are also a great option when it comes to adding height and texture to your garden.

  • Curb Appeal: Take your new garden bed to the next level by adding come curb edging to it. This little detail can helps transition your garden bed to your lawn and is a subtle way to add interest and draw eyes to your garden. More practically, they help hold your substrate in place if your garden has any slopes to it. Our designers like to use pavers or large rocks as curb edging.

Low maintenance gardens are perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their mowing time and time spent maintaining their property. If you plan your garden right, you can also keep a vibrant garden during times when grass may struggle to stay green. If you don't have a green thumb or know plants very well, professional landscapers are a huge help at picking plants that are going to fit your lifestyle and garden goals. Our designers are always available for free consultations to help you create your own low maintenance garden!

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