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The Benefits Of An Aeration

How Aerations Can Help Your Lawn

Fertilizing, watering, and mowing are viewed as essential for your lawns health. An equally important component of a lush and healthy lawn is core aeration.

pull cores of soil & fully rooted grass out to create space for new grass to grow while naturally overseeding. The pockets created allow for nutrients, water and oxygen to enter the soil. This helps the grass deepen its root systems and makes fertilizer more effective for a thicker and more drought resistant lawn.

(Lawn care - aeration. Intake of substances-water, oxygen, and nutrients to feed the grass and soil.)

A thick and healthy lawn is the key to weed prevention. When grass is thick, there's less room for weeds to take root and they are not able to compete as well. When you apply weed killer to a lawn, often times weeds come back in those same spots because the grass is thin there. If your lawn is especially thin or if you have large bare spots, pair your aeration with an overseeding. The grass seed loves the soil contact and new space from the aerations so it grows well when the two are paired together. If you're looking to end the cycle of weed control, consistent aerations every few years are the key!

(A machine is used to pull cores of dirt from the soil. Aerations can also be done without a machine, a process called a microbial aeration.)

Aerations are typically recommended yearly or bi-yearly depending on the weather conditions and the way you use your lawn. Soil naturally becomes compacted with time. Things like long stretches of dry weather, mowing, or just with use as you enjoy the space can all lead to soil compaction and can effect your grass' ability to grow. You are more likely to need an aeration during hot, dry years or if you had a summer project with heavy equipment on your lawn. We also recommend an aeration and overseeding to anyone with using weed control on their lawn to help with weed prevention and to fill in the bare spots left by dying weeds.

(Aeration cores that have been pulled from the soil.)

If this sounds like your lawn and you'd like to get a free quote on an aeration, click here. We also offer Non-Mechanical microbial aerations for those that prefer the process done without the use of the aeration machine.

If you would like to learn more about aerations, read more here.

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