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Protecting your residential or commercial properties from pests can give you peace of mind knowing that your Woodbury property isn't being invaded.  Whether it's insects, rodents, wildlife, bats or other pests we have you covered as your local pest control provider in Woodbury!

WOODBURY Pest Control

Protect your property from pests

Our certified pest management staff will provide you valuable insights into pest issues and offer the best tips, recommendations, and solutions to reduce your issues. It all starts with a pest inspection around your property to identify problem areas, potential entry points, and develop a customized pest control program to fit your needs. Every situation is unique, and it is our goal to educate you along with providing the proper recommendations to protect your oasis year-round.

OUR Experienced team of Pest professionals can help with:

  • Rodents - Mice, voles, shrews, chipmunks
  • Moles & Pocket Gophers
  • Insects - Mosquitoes, ticks, wasps/hornets, Asian Lady Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Box Elder Bugs and much more! 
  • Ants - Ants around your lawn and ants inside your home or business
  • Wildlife - Raccoons, squirrels, woodchucks, opossums, woodpeckers, muskrats and rabbits
  • Bats

Protect your oasis with experienced professionals

Green Oasis has been servicing Woodbury, Minnesota for over 40 years in pest control services. Whether you need an expert to evaluate your property with an initial inspection or you want an overview of our custom pest control packages, our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with a safe and pest-free property. As always, we are here to help so please call, email, or text to get started on your pest control plan today!

Insect Defense

Our Insect Defense Program minimizes the activity of spiders, wasps, Asian Lady Beetles, Box Elder Bugs around your Woodbury home. Our spring, summer, and fall treatments are applied around the eaves, windows, doors, and near the foundation of your home to keep the pests at bay for 60 - 90 days.

Japanese Beetle Foliar Spray | Plant Health Program

Treat your ornamentals around your Woodbury home or business with our Japanese Beetle Foliar Spray. Protect your plants & provide the proper nutrients with our Plant Health Program. Ensure you have the best tree and shrub care all season long for your Woodbury property.

Mosquito Defense

Create a shield around your oasis with our Mosquito Defense Program. This program targets the trees, shrubs, and tall perimeter grasses around your property to reduce mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, and more! Based off an extract from the Chrysanthemum flower, our applications can reduce your mosquito population by up to 85%!

Mole Defense

Not only do moles make your lawn aesthetically less appealing, but they also can be a safety hazard around your landscape. Targeting mole physiology and eating behavior, our Mole Defense Program is an environmentally friendly product that can help control the population and reduce the impact on your Woodbury property.

Rodent Defense

Mice and voles can invade your property around the exterior and interior of your home or business. While voles mainly cause damage to shrubs and areas of your lawn (apparent in the spring), mice make thier impact on the interior of your home by chewing insallation, leaving deposits, and creating nests. Through our Vole Defense & Rodent Defense Programs, we are here to identify problem areas and entry points followed up by solutions to give you peace of mind year-round.

Wildlife Control & Trapping

Starting with a property inspection, our Wildlife Control & Trapping Service will create a customized plan to help identify the main source(s) of concern. Whether it's raccoons, squirrels, gophers, woodchucks, opossums, muskrats, chipmunks, or woodpeckers, our initial visit will be followed by return visits and perform necessary practices like trapping, removal, and/or patching of any entry points per the technician's recommendations. 

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Green Oasis is a locally-owned Woodbury pest control service that has been helping customers for over 40 years.
We serve both commercial and residential properties in Woodbury for pest control year-round.
For any pest issue, we are up for the challenge and can offer proper recommendations and provide solutions!

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We had Green Oasis out for an ongoing ant problem since we have owned this house. 19 years running every summer I would stress, when will the ants show up and where will they go this year.? We had spent $1000 in previous years with a different company just for the ants to move from one spot to other spots.  Shane explained the difference between hot products and cool products, and that ants sometimes scatter from certain products. I also learned how the nest, the queen, and the worker ants operate. So far I am already seeing a 90% reduction in inactivity. Thanks, Shane!

-Brenda Franklin

Woodbury, MN
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