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Let the holiday lighting and decorating professionals at Green Oasis be your guide in illuminating your home into a festive wonderland of holiday cheer with our Christmas lighting services! The magic begins when we combine the distinct features of your home or business with creativity and skill, to provide the best Christmas decor & lighting experience for your family or business. 

WOODBURY Christmas lighting

decorate your oasis in style

Our attention to detail resembles a quality holiday lighting display for your home or business to bring warm cheer during the cold months late in the year. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential Christmas Lighting & decorating, our leased program includes: custom design, detailed installation, regular service calls, take-downs, and storage of all materials

make your christmas Lighting display the envy of the neighborhood

Green Oasis has been serving Woodbury, Minnesota for over 40 years in Christmas Lighting Services for residential and commercial properties. Make your holiday decorations the bright spot of your neighborhood with spectacular roof lighting, tree and shrub lighting lit garland, wreaths, and much more!

Roof Lighting

Every home or business has its unique roofline and there is no better way to resemble your decorations than outlining the different aspects of your structure. Our roof lighting is a custom fit to your home's gutters and shingles throughout the season. We also have alternative techniques for metal roofs and commercial properties. We utilize the proper safety training and methods to install your decorations so you can have peace of mind.


Whether you are looking for a natural look or an elegant display, our garland is sure to add a touch of holiday cheer to your Woodbury business or home. Invite guests with a front entryway illuminated with garland and bows accented throughout the greenery. Around your doorway, across the front porch railing, or spiraled around your powerful pillars, this will warm up your Christmas lighting and decoration display.

Tree Lighting

There is something special about lighting a designated tree or even numerous trees throughout your oasis. Our professional Christmas decor staff has the equipment, technique, and materials to ensure your trees are decorated to your liking. Our canopy-style tree lighting or individual branch lighting can truly bring out the creative and natural characteristics of your trees at night. 


What completes the final touches to a steller holiday lighting decoration package? How about a lit wreath with a bow to occupy that space below the garage peak or complement the existing decorations on your house? We have fresh wreaths or artificial wreaths in all different sizes to fit your 
Christmas decorating needs.

Shrub Lighting

An underestimated part of decorating that showcases the holiday cheer by highlighting your shrubs. Incorporating lighting throughout your shrubs can provide the definition and glisten to your front entryway. Balance out with your roof lighting with lower-level lighting and create a warm welcome for guests during the most wonderful time of the year!

Lit Bows & Specialty Decor

There are specialty decor items that can add that next level of elegance to your home during the holidays. Our lit bows embellish the decoration of your wreath or garland and stand out alone as a unique focal point on your residential or commercial property. Additional specialty decor items like pre-decorated trees and greenery, displays, ornaments, illuminated displays, and light dimensions are great for commercial properties and events.

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