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Neighborhood lawn envy is a great feeling when you're the one with a lush and thick lawn. Since 1978, Green Oasis has established it's reputation for quality lawn care in Woodbury for 40+ seasons.  Whether it's our signs on the corner of your block or our trucks parked near your neighbor's driveway -- we're your go-to lawn care provider.

Oasis 13 Point Lawn Evaluation

The first step to a lawn you'll love.

Our certified technicians will provide you valuable insights on your turf and soil conditions. It all starts with our 13 Point 
Lawn Evaluation to identify problem areas, diseases, and offer solutions. 

Woodbury Lawn Evaluation | Green Oasis

Fertilization & Weed Control


Whether it's knocking out the weeds or it's an entire package, The Oasis Programs are customized to fit your needs. Each full program provides the nutrients your lawn needs for weed management, a deep green color, and sustained growth for the whole growing season in Woodbury.


  • Spring Application - Heavy rate of balanced liquid fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control and post emergent broadleaf weed control as needed
  • Late Spring Application - Balanced liquid fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed
  • Mid Season Application - Balanced slow-release granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed
  • Fall Application - Liquid application of slow-release granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed
  • Winterizer Application - Dry application of balanced potash and nitrogen for winter health and early spring green up.


A focus on soil enhancement and plant health while utilizing the finest organics and natural components to achieve optimal results.

Woodbury Lawn Care | Green Oasis

All About Weeds

The most common types of weeds in Woodbury include broad leaf weeds (like dandelions) and grassy weeds (like crabgrass). There are also annual and periennial weeds with very different life cycles. Summer weeds are the toughest to control in Woodbury. We have specialized approaches for controlling the various types of weeds common to lawns in our area.

Dog Spot Preventer Program

The dog spot preventer program is a three step program that neutralizes areas where a dog has created areas of brown grass by urinating. The gypsum neutralizes the high salt content of these spots and helps to return the grass to its green state. It is also effective lawn areas where it has been damaged by salt used on sidewalks over the winter. We recommend 3 applications in a year for best results.

Preventative Grub Control


Preventative Grub Control treatments in Woodbury are the best method to give your lawn an initial barrier of protection. Providing up to three months of protection from surface and sub-surface feeding larvae, this service will help reduce future lawn damage. Curative control may be necessary if the grub infestation has affected your lawn oast the preventative of grub control.

Preventative Grub Control Woodbury | Green Oasis