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2023 Landscaping Trends

ert designers have been in the landscape industry for decades and have seen it evolve year after year. Recently, huge inflation costs and lifestyle changes have created a very unique era of landscaping. Below you'll find the most popular requests designers have been seeing in the current market.

Stay-cation Living:

Post-pandemic, homeowners are realizing more and more that they need to love their home. The majority of our time is spent in this space, so it needs to be comfortable and enjoyable. We are seeing an increase in demand for fire pits, hot tubs and pools, outdoor kitchens, built in grills, and cozy patios with room for over-sized, comfy couches and space for relaxing outdoors. Knowing this era of relaxation and self care is upon us, our landscape designers are ready to help you create your outdoor oasis.

Shade Spaces

Are the summers getting hotter, or are we getting less tolerant? Either way, shady hide-outs are a summer must-have for your outdoor spaces. Our designers have been busy creating the perfect places to escape the summer sun while still enjoying your time outdoors. Pergolas, large trees with shade gardens, and covered decks and patios are some of our specialties!

Private Spaces:

The need for privacy is not a new trend, but it is a consistent one. Keep your home feeling like your own private sanctuary with the addition of decorative fences, walls, garden structures, and decorative or floral trees. Tree walls, where trees are planted in a tight formation to form a sight barrier, are becoming more popular as an aesthetically pleasing, shady solution to keep prying eyes away from your yard.

Low Maintenance Landscapes

Spend less time working and more time relaxing with a care-free landscape. More and more people are leaning towards composite decking, which requires no sanding or staining and is made to last, and installing rock gardens that need minimal maintenance compared to mulch beds. While the initial cost of these features is more, they require less time and money to maintain over time which makes for a great long term investments.

Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to improve your home's value is by upgrading the front landscaping. It also happens to be one of the most cost effective! Landscape materials such as mulch, plants, and concrete that are traditionally used to accentuate the front of your home have not been affected by the same rise in inflation that other materials have over the past few years. Because of this, adding some plants and new mulch is a great way to improve your home without breaking the bank!

Natural Landscapes

Working with native plants brings many benefits to your home. These plants are grown for our specific climate, meaning they are much more likely to survive and flourish compared to many pickier garden varieties and need less maintenance as a result. Local pollinators also love these plants! Using native plants in your landscape is a great way to help attract bees and butterflies to your home in a beautiful way. With pollinator populations dwindling, many people are choosing to incorporate natural, biodiverse landscapes into their garden to help out in our new "love your environment" culture!

2023 will create many creative challenges for landscape designers and gardeners alike. With inflation rising, it's all about creating designs that make a statement while staying within budget. One thing is for sure- people want to be outside and are excited to invest in their own stay-cation! Let Green Oasis help create a space that you love and can enjoy for a long time to come!

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