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Winterize Sprinkler System

Here in the north woods, winter is a time of beauty and wonder as snow and ice blanket the landscape. It truly is a winter wonderland, right up until you awake to find that winter has invaded your home. Did you remember to shut down and winterize the sprinkler system? It’s an easy thing to overlook. After all, it comes on in the middle of the night during the summer and remains out of site during the day. Perhaps you did remember but opted to do it yourself. The average homeowner does not have access to a compressor that produces the volume of air necessary for proper winterization. Did you remember to turn off the main water supply? What about the small section of the pipe that connects your home’s water supply to the system?

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Winterize Your Irrigation System Professionally

A professional irrigation contractor will ensure that all aspects of your system have been properly serviced to withstand the harsh winter. They will also assess your system and determine if any major repairs are necessary. It’s important to find a qualified technician from a reputable company that guarantees their work and is properly insured. In addition, homeowners may want to keep in mind that the service technician, in most cases, is going to require access to the house. A reputable company ensures that each of their technicians has passed a background check. Look for a company with a history of providing quality service; they’ll have a process in place to notify their customers and provide timely reminders of when their system will require service.

With all of this said, the sprinkler system winterization is the most crucial part of irrigation maintenance. Most sprinkler repairs are the result of improper winterization. Keep old man winter where he belongs and make sure the often unsung hero of your lush, beautiful lawn gets the attention it needs this fall.

Rob D. | Irrigation Maintenance Specialist | Green Oasis

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