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Top Signs You May Have Vole Damage

Spring is just around the corner! And with the excitement comes curiosity, what's been going on in your yard under all that snow? Catching the signs right away will give your oasis the best chance for recovery!


1) Above ground tunnels you can see

Usually seen in grassy areas, these burrows run about 2 inches wide and are caused by voles constant movement as well as eating grass blades in the lawn.

vole lawn damage

2) You may notice dead clumps of grass

Usually found next to the tunneling as it is known as a bed/nest.  It could be anywhere from a small to a large amount of loose grass material, mainly noticeable after your snow melts. 

vole damage

3) Unhealthy plants

Notice plants that are wilting or not as green as they should be? This can also be a sign of a vole presence in your yard. Plants with roots that have been eaten will appear dead or dying above ground. However, during the winter you may even notice shrubs are eaten down to a tip.

4) Bark is missing on your trees & shrubs

During the winter when other food sources are scarce, voles will often chew on the bark of shrubs and trees. 

vole shrub damage

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