Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services in Eau Claire & River Falls, WI


Fertilizer & Weed Control

The Oasis Program

Fertilizer – A balanced diet for a healthy lawn.

It’s all about options when it come to the Oasis Program. Granular, liquid or organic fertilizer; we offer all three or even a combination.

  • Liquid Fertilizer Application – takes effect quickly and are combined with pre/post emergent weed control products.
  • Granular Fertilizer Applications – provide longer residual color and require technicians to make a second pass over the lawn to apply weed control.
  • Organic Fertilizer Program – provides best results when all applications are chosen. Each application is designed to achieve a synergistic effect based upon the products used for each visit.

Our full program of 4-5 applications for the season will provide all of the nutrients your lawn requires for healthy, sustained growth and vibrant color.

Weed Control – on its own or as part of a program, our products will help keep your lawn weed free and beautiful.

Green Oasis focuses on the principles of Integrated Pest Management when it comes to ridding your lawn of invasive weeds and problem grasses. Our system is designed for all of our products to work in concert to eliminate weeds and keep your turf healthy. A vibrant, vigorously growing lawn is the ultimate defense against weeds.


Lawn Cutting

We don’t just mow, we manicure your lawn.

  • Our technicians will take the time to properly cut, trim, and blow off your property.
  • We use mulch cutting equipment to “Grass-Cycle”
  • Return vital nutrients to the soil
  • Bagged mowing service is available too

Lawn Clean-ups & Raking

Spring and fall are beautiful, but busy times of the year. Let us do the work while you enjoy the change of seasons.


  • Spring-tooth raking to remove excess thatch
  • Shrub bed blowout & disposal of debris
  • Our Raking Only service does not include the “extras” like our Spring Clean-up
  • Remember, complete removal of thatch is not healthy or beneficial for your lawn.
  • The thatch layer helps to retain moisture and allows oxygen and nutrients to be returned to the soil.


  • Our Fall Clean-up service includes leaf removal from your lawn done once or multiple times, whichever you prefer.
  • Your shrub beds will be blown out on the final visit.
  • Perennial plant care and pruning can be added to any cleanup per your request.

Power Edging

Freshen up your concrete areas such as sidewalks and driveways by removing excess turf growth. Give your lawn the “edge” with a clean look and great curb appeal.


Deluxe Overseeding Service

Rejuvenate your lawn without starting over!

  • Help your lawn recover from drought stress and achieve optimum health with this intensive lawn renovation combination of Double Pass Core Aeration, Raking, Starter Fertilizer, Pelletized Lime & Broadcast Seeding.
  • Don’t forget that watering the lawn is a MUST with this combo of services, so it pairs perfectly with a new lawn sprinkler system installation!

Lime & Aeration

Lime Applications

Use this application to amplify the display and density of your grass

  • Naturally, neutralizes the acid in your soil
  • Lime aids the absorption of key nutrients for your lawn
  • Reduces buildup and fight off disease.
  • Improves turf color

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is normally performed in the fall, but this is also available in the spring. A solution to a nutrient-deprived and thin lawn starts with this specialized service.

  • Dramatically relieves soil compaction while controlling thatch buildup.
  • Allows air and nutrients to reach the turf’s root system.
  • Creates growth pockets for new  and healthy roots
  • Enables the turf to reach water and other nutrients deep in the soil.
  • Over time, this process will help your lawn become more resistant to drought, disease, and heat stress.

Why You Should Consider an Aeration & Overseeding This Fall