Lawn Alert -- Summer Drought Stress & Brown Spots

Helpful tips to get your lawn back on track

Drought Stress

From the recent time span with hot weather, you may have noticed your lawn isn't looking as healthy as it should. With the heat, humidity, and dry weather we've had, your lawn may be suffering. 
Don't panic, there are some helpful tips for you as a homeowner to help get your lawn back on track.

  • Increase mowing height – 2 ¾” – 3 ½” is ideal for summer

  • Deep, infrequent watering in the early morning hours is best for turf health

  • 1” of water per week – delivered over 2 – 3 watering sessions will keep grass looking great!

Cool-season grasses can become dormant even when watered properly, but they should green-up when growing conditions improve.

If you have an irrigation system
, a mid-summer check from a Green Oasis irrigation technician is highly recommended. This will ensure that sprinkler heads are functioning properly and there are no dry spots in your lawn.

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